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Twinning Names, Not Really

We will be having another baby girl soon and I am now kind of over thinking with what to name the baby.  Like most parents, or maybe just me, I am considering a somehow sounds like name from her older sister but not completely identical though one could not mistaken that they’re sisters just by knowing/hearing their names.

My first daughter’s name is Macy Lorelie.  Hmmm what could be the best name for her baby sister then? 🙂

Daily Prompt

That Annoying Noise

One rainy afternoon while working in our little store.  There was this annoying noise coming from the outside.  It turned out came from a very old jeepney, maybe 2decade old already or more judging from the noise it is making.

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Daily Prompt

Why I Left My Job

After college, the only thing most of us do is to find a job.  And that’s what exactly I did.  I have worked in different companies of different industries. Fortunately, my course is in demand and I landed a job easily but usually I don’t stay long enough.   I could barely stay more than a year or so and few times didn’t last longer than six months.  Then I would find another job, got hired then left again.  Don’t judge me!  Because I was young then and free spirited!  And also I don’t leave without reason to justify my leaving. 🙂

Seriously, one of the main reason why I left my job/s was it’s either I am not happy with what I do or the people I work with.  Also the pay plays an important role.  Here in the Philippines, only very few companies pay well.  Most employees live paycheck to paycheck.    The rest will kill you before you get a raise and the owners, managers alike think that they are gods and that you owe them big time because they have provided you with a job!  I have witness co-workers been with the company for years doing what they do for the last 20 years but nothing happened to them.  Every now and then they complain because their pay cannot satisfy even their needs but they can do nothing because they are already old and fears that with their age they could not find a job anymore.  So, they stick and just wait for their retirement.  To me that is kind of sad, a nightmare forever and I don’t like that to myself!  An easy indicator that I should leave is if I don’t see myself in that company in the long run.

I am not peculiar with any job and not even choosy as long as it is in line with my profession and there is none that I could not imagine not doing, maybe. 🙂

Now, I am happy and settled with a great job as a work-at-home mama.  Working remotely and dealing with awesome people from the other side of the world. There is no leaving anymore only loving because I love what I do and I can see myself growing in this in the long run.

Daily Prompt

My Mirror For Life

IMG_20140608_153930_1These days, I don’t often check myself in the mirror.  Maybe only when I have to go somewhere or some people are coming to our house.  Since I work at home, chances are I jumped right into my computer after my morning routine and voila I could go on my day without even looking at the mirror!

And I don’t worry most of the time when I have a mirrorless day because I also have another mirror that I can’t escape also known as my husband!  He sees who I am in the outside and the real me in the inside.  When I need some fix physically, like I have a bad hair day, dirt in my face, doesn’t like the way I look etc, he’s the first to tell me without embarrassing me. He have seen my flaws and the good in me.  He is my constant support but also my critic in a good way.  Not only that, I have become a reflection of him and I am to him.  We complement each other but we could also be the exact opposites sometimes.  So, who needs a mirror when you have a husband?! 🙂