Daily Prompt

Finally, CPA!


It was a long and lonely road but its worth it.  No turning back. No regrets. Just moving forward! One day at a time, sweet Jesus.

Last May 2016, I braved to take the CPA Board Examination here in the Philippines.  One of the toughest I may say of any exams given considering that not even half of the takers would make it to success.

The exam was difficult as it has always been and the review was not easy for me.  I have to work, be a mother at the same time.  I wanted to quit but I thank God that I didn’t.

Then the result came a week after – the longest week I ever had. The agony of waiting that is. To make the story short, I am one of those who successfully passed. I made it!! To God be the greatest glory! I have been transformed into someone that I really want to be.

I am still surprised with this victory and amazed by how the odds came to my favor.  Indeed, with faith nothing is impossible! I am humbled by His Grace and if only to my own I cannot do it.

Finally, it’s all over! A ll I want is to spend more time with family for now. More of them. They have been my pillars of strenght, inspiration and I am forever grateful for their love and support. And also, I want to sleep – I haven’t had a very good sleep for ages!


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