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The Life of a Night Owl


It’s 12:07am and I am still awake because I had to finish some work.  Half awake as part of me wants to sleep and be with my snoozing daughter and husband.  I was not able to carry on my work during daytime today as I have to attend to other things.  Since I am given flexible time to work, I do it whatever time of the day or night.  I’m a lucky woman!

I looked through the window and I felt like I’m the only one alive for the hour.  Most of the time this is the scenario during nighttime, only me or me and husband are the only ones not sleeping in our neighborhood.  This is most likely because we work for people on the other side of the world which has opposite timezone than ours. Though we are given flexibility of our time, we make it a point when needed to be around during their office hours and vice versa.

anyways, we live in a rural area within the city, an hour away from the noisy night life at downtown.  Around 9pm, peace and quiet comes and I’m loving it.  I wanted to go outside to take a picture but I stayed instead and quick to finish my work as I felt and sensed some kind of creepiness outside, yay me!

Yes, on the right is coffee.  What’s hard work without coffee?  So, to fellow night owlers, let’s party!  Raise your coffee and cheers!!


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